A Short description of 'INTIMATTER'

'Intimatter' explores the intimate liminal space between being and abstraction. An ego dissolves into particle swirls. Internal and external stimuli confuse the senses. As they fade, a radical threshold is experienced. Temporality speeds and slows outside of linear time. Slipping away.

Inspired by a friends' description of her fainting fits, in which she talks of sensory reduction, like falling into an old grainy black and white film, whilst her hearing amplifies into a roar. I am trying to make the viewer feel turned inside out, the fog of absolute proximity. The seductive, tactile closeness inside the dying mind. A place we strive to know- that remains ontologically impossible for the imagination of one alive as a boundaried self, to conjure.

A further, more hidden and tricky kind of intimacy layers one's response to 'Intimatter'.

It's catalyst is a moment in David Lynch's 'Wild at Heart', creeping up like a cinematic déja vu. 'Intimatter' attempts a subliminal feedback circuit, associating, magnifying and relocating the original scene, so it becomes a teasing familiarity. Questions half consciously registered: authenticity and replication and sampled emotions and fictions. Fiction has not remained on the big screen, but has leaked out into home movies. Or is it vice versa? Where is the experienced event? In this stylized dreaming.