'Ocean Sentence' was made in 2001 as part of my contribution to the 0rphan drift exhibition 'Double Walker' in Vancouver. The orphans had dispersed across the globe and we decided to contribute video works made in our specific locations, to be cut together for the final 5 screen piece
(see 0rphan drift Archive site). 'Ocean Sentence' is filmed in the isolated Cape peninsular coast of South Africa.

The video tracks a couple who appear out of the atlantic swell and fstep into a surfer's hut and another dimension of reality. The surfer/witchdoctor channels spirits through a Haitian vodou doll and shark jaw, releasing energies to combat the paranoia of his unwanted visitors.

Triggered by a recent local shark attack and storyboarded around a scene from 'Natural Born Killers', 'Ocean Sentence' explores the impact of the magical on everyday life in the small community.

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