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Shadowshop :: 2011

Mer Liquify
Mer Liquify

On The Post-Apocalypse Postcards, by Ranu Mukherjee, 0rphan Drift:

A series of eight 'wildernesses' postcards are from the 0rphan Drift project 'A Wilderness of Elsewheres' which takes its title and inspiration from the Robert Smithson's essay, 'A Cinematic Atopia'. They enter the museum goers habitat as postcards, of places one can't literally go, perhaps metaphorically places one can write from, and suggest a shifting sense of how we might recognize a "wilderness", as the accumulation of human habit is incorporated into the unknown.

The set of postcards is part of a larger investigation/set of reflections on the state of post-everything (-apocalyptic -colonial -modern -studio -industrial -punk -racial -feminist) translated as an advanced state of a condition as well as the lack of ability to adequately describe a path from present to future; leaving narratives about the future in a really interesting place.

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