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Maggie Roberts
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Maggie Roberts aka Mer

a. 5 Liverpool Road, Kingston on Thames, Surrey KT2 7SX ENGLAND
p. London    +4420 8541 0168 & +44 7826216980 (Capetown studio  +2721 780 1763)
Maggie Roberts aka Mer is a british artist who lives and works in London (with a studio in Capetown since 2006). Her career until then consisted of a solo and then collaborative artist (0rphan Drift), showing extensively in London, Europe and USA and Canada, whilst teaching on various Fine Art BA courses in and around London, most notably Goldsmiths and Central St Martins. She currently teaches a seminar, 'Virtual Worlds' at CSM, lectures at art schools all over England, is a Visiting Research Fellow in the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths University, London and a research fellow with BCU, Fine Art Research, Birmingham. She co founded 0rphan Drift in 1994, and has continued to work with 0D member Ranu Mukherjee, with contributions from theorists, musicians, animators, 3D and laser scanners, coders and performers. Increasingly she is pursuing a solo career. Her artistic output involves collage, painting, photography, audio and digital media - Photoshop, video and animation, in a constant interplay of fusion and remix. Technical specialisation areas include camera work; editing/effects generation; prosthetics and costume design; text performance and voice work. She has researched myth, archetype and trance possession in Haiti, South Africa and Mexico. Current production is intentioned for gallery exhibition and cinema screening, symposia and workshop performance and consists of screen projection, collage, painting, installation and text. Her theoretical focus includes hyperstitions, science and speculative fiction, organic and non organic sympoetic evolution, hyperobjects and shadowtime, Machine Vision, virtual textures, spaceotemporalities and frequencies, octopus and digital uncertainty.

Upcoming 2018 – 2019

Solo Exhibition at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, 2019, as winner of the Emergency 2017 Award.

0rphan Drift Octopoid, San Francisco 2019.

Green Skeen with Plastique Fantastique and An Interspecies Disco at Dilston Grove, London.

Co-developing the Transfrontier International Artist Residency to work with the Indigenous  Kalahari Bushmen Creative Collective  at the Uruke Bushcamp, Transfrontier Desert National Park, South Africa.

Collaborative experiments in Mixed Reality with EticLab, UK, LIDAR scans with Lightfarm and Datamoshing with Lendl Barcellos and Mike Vertolli.

The Chaologist, digital collage work and video animation in development, for Planetaria screening and VR adaptation.


Recent Exhibitions, Screenings and Performances:

Miasma experimental audiovisual piece for the ACE funded ALEMBIC II Chrominance exhibition at Res., London. A research project in response to the KRH Experimental Video Collection.

Glimmer Breach solo exhibition at IMT Gallery, London. And a Swamp Living event with Kirsten Cooke, Stephanie Moran and Joe Walsh.

London and Manchester Art Fairs 2018 with IMT Gallery.


Alembic II Chrominance online conversation with Res., Maggie Roberts and Ayesha Tan Jones.

Lauren Velvick on Glimmer Breach in This Is Tomorrow,

Panel on 0rphan Drift and CCRU, Lava Festival, Krakow, Poland.

Uncertainty and the Impure, Alembic Closing Event reading with Kirsten Cooke, Res., London. Alembic Catalogue Launch.

Research and Teaching:

Symposium The Shaping of a Message with Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Department and IMT Gallery for Glimmer Breach. Speakers maggie Roberts, Simon O’Sullivan, Betti Marenko, Ayesha Hameed, Stephanie Moran, Ramon Amaro and John Cussans.

Film with the Kalahari Bushmen Creative Collective on community leaders and traditional healers visiting artifacts concerning their people held in Capetown’s Iziko Museum National Archives.


Exhibitions, Screenings and Performances:

Cat Ice Trickster, 2 screen HD audiovisual installation at Ø, Hyperdub@ Corsica Studios, London.With LIDAR scans by Lightfarm.

Green Skeen Part 2 film collaboration with Plastique Fantastique, at the Apple Store, Regent Street, London.

Unruly City II video, collages and floor piece in Emergency 2017, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.

Recent video work Unruly City in the ‘2nd Changjiang International Photography and Video Biennale’ at the Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art, China.

Toxic Lakes monoprint series and Crystal Thundercat Hoody floor piece at the 2017 London and Manchester Art Fairs with IMT Gallery.

Video screenings at IMT and ASC Galleries, London and with Material Conjectures project Housing, Immigration and Temporary Fabrications at Lacuna Arts, Vauxhall, London.

Video and still images for Delphi Carstens The Anthropocene Crisis and Schizoanalysis presentations at the Radical Pedagogies AERA Symposium, Houston, Texas.

Eaten By Code, 0rphan Drift video and collage installation of 90’s art as resistance at The Lomex Gallery, NYC.

Digital collage C-type prints in Decorative Dormitories for Sleep Workers at Xero Kline and Coma Art Space, London.

Audiovisual screening and performance at The Edge Of Wrong experimental arts event, Capetown.


The Things That Knowledge Cannot Eat, chapter in Fiction As Method, Stenberg Press, November 2017. (based on Goldsmiths 2015 symposium). Launch at Res., London.

White Noise Propositions, commissioned text with Lucy A. Saimes for Suzanne Treister’s exhibition SURVIVOR(F) at IMT Gallery, London.

Matter Fictions (2016) catalogue contribution, Museo Berardo, Lisbon.

Unruly City Images and I Ching text for the Ecological Citizen online art magazine.

Collages in Full Stop online arts magazine.

Research and Teaching:

Rituals In Liquidity talk at Goldsmiths, London University.

The Fisher Function reading workshop on 0rphan Drift collaborations with the late Mark Fisher.

Presentation of 0rphan Drift recent video works at We The People To Come Deleuze and Guattari conference, UCT Capetown.

Studio teaching and practice context seminars at CSM and Chelsea Schools of Art, London. Lectures at the RCA & Slade UCL, London,  Reading and Newcastle Schools of Art.

Metis video work and text contributions for Dr Betti Marenko’s Mumbai event, FutureCrafting: Speculation, Design and the Nonhuman, or how to live with digital uncertainty @ Aesthetics and the Political in Contemporary India: Deleuzian Explorations. Deleuze Studies in India Collective (DSIC) Camp and Conference February 13-17, 2017. Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.


AAA (Art Against Art) Magazine. Ed. Manuel Gnam & Taslima Ahmed, Berlin.

‘Unruly City’, Dold Projects, Sankt Georgen, Germany. 0rphan Drift major video, animation and collage collaboration with Ranu Mukherjee. The Dold Projects Gala exhibition, Villingen, Germany. ‘GIR Ghost River’ aka ‘Unruly City’. Concurrent with working on a new body of associated collage and animation.

IMT Gallery booth at the Manchester Art Fair and in NYC.

‘The Things That Knowledge Cannot Eat’, ‘chapter in ‘Fiction As Method’, Stenberg Press. (based on Goldsmiths College 2015 symposium).

‘Green Skeen’ film collaboration with Plastique Fantastique, Part 2; screenings at Skullcracker, Vancouver and Supernormal, UK.

‘Matter Fictions’, Berardo Museum, Lisbon. 0rphan Drift video and book.

‘Feeling Safer’, IMT Gallery, London. Collage and digital prints in group show.

‘Everting The Virtual’, public talk at Goldsmiths College, London & Reading University Fine Art phd.

‘Imprint 93’, Whitechapel Gallery, London. Matthew Higgs artist pamphlets.

Public lecture at Ruskin Art College, Oxford and seminar teaching at Goldsmiths College, The Slade and Chelsea Schools of Art, London.

‘Bright Skins’ New video piece for ‘Unruly City’ exhibition at Dold Projects.

‘Green Skeen’. Horse Hospital, London. Plastique Fantastique collaboration.

‘Chronic Epoch’, Beaconsfield Arts, London. 0D featured in this publication.

‘Up The Junction’, Lacuna Arts, London. Sonic Speculations Symposium.

‘Multiples’, Lomex Gallery, Baltimore. Video works.


Digital collage in ‘I Am 10’ group exhibition, IMT Gallery, London.

‘The Things That Knowledge Cannot Eat’, Fiction As Method. A Conference On Counterfactuals And Virtualities In Art And Culture. Goldsmiths University, London.

Hyperstition and Sorcery, 0D screening with Delphi Carstens at D&G&Africa conference, UCT Capetown. Becoming Animal Symposium, UWC, Capetown.

Collaboration on Delphi Carstens ‘Post Human Hyperstitions’ online presentation

0D video screenings at Transmetic Ordenance, Lewisham Arthouse, London

0D video screenings at ‘Edge of Wrong Arts’, Capetown, South Africa.

Current 0D videos and symposium discussion at ‘Wild Screen’, Connemara, Ireland.

‘Black Water   ghost prescient’.  new 18 minute 0D video screening at ‘After Finitude’, Sydney, Australia & ‘Alternative 23 Visitation’, IMT Gallery, London.


‘Shadow Operators’ 29:32 min HD video exhibiting in ‘Grotto Heavens’ at CAC Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

0rphan Drift videos and text work at ‘Schizo-Culture’, Space Gallery, London.

0rphan Drift videos for PAF’s Get Reassembled: Time, Intelligence, Acceleration and the Pharmakon, Switzerland.

‘Shadow Operators’, 30 minute video commissioned for LCCT’s ‘Sounding the Counterfactual’ at Goldsmiths’ London. With Kode 9 and Plastique Fantastique. Excerpt on 0rphan Drift vimeo. (Screenings at CAC Gallery, Vilnius & ‘Schizo Culture’, Space Gallery, London).

‘Another Dimension’ Recent collages in solo show at the Casamento Showroom, Capetown.

‘Voudon. Art, Uprising and Gnosis’, video screening with Leah Gordon and John Cussans, Regent Studios, London.

‘Rumblings From The Deep’, collages in group show and A/V event, FrankyCongo Studios, Capetown.

‘Floral Ocean’, collage installation, Kalk Bay Capetown. Further worked into Flower Bomb artist profile shoot with Missibaba, Elle Decor Magazine, Capetown.

0rphan Drift:0rphan Portal, video screenings at bolo’bolo, Capetown 2013.

‘You Its Eyes 94-13’  0rphan Drift retrospective video commissioned for CTM13, Berlin.

‘Becoming Animal’, slide show for Delphi Carstens UCT talk, Capetown. ONLINE.

‘Spectral Flow’ Video piece for ‘Hyperstition’, TED talk by Delphi Carstens.

‘A Wilderness Of Elsewheres’ 0rphan Portal screening and panel discussion, Virtual Futures Salon, Birmingham City University.

Presentation of recent work at ‘What Is A Photograph?’, Birmingham City University.

Appointed International Research Fellow, CCAR, Birmingham City University.

0rphan Portal in Virtual Futures 2.0’11. ‘Digital Narratives: Fear of the Flesh’. University of Warwick.
0rphan Portal. Apocalyptic Postcards in Shadowshop, ‘The More Things Change’, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Screening of 0rphan Portal’s ‘A Wilderness of Elsewheres’ in ‘Videohole’, Noma Gallery. San Francisco.

0rphan Portal ‘A Wilderness of Elsewheres’ in ‘Obsidiana’, Galeria AFA, Santiago.
Also screened at ScreenLab at Studio for Urban Project(ion)s, San Francisco.

VividWild, Fort Gallery, Oakland, California.
0rphan Portal’s ‘A Wilderness of Elsewheres’ in ‘Eccentric Spaces and Serious Pleasures’, The Colony Room at New Langton Arts, San Francisco.

Rituals of Vodou. Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Nomad Wall Rant. San Francisco.


CYBERPOSITIVE Relaunch of the 0rphan Drift book with the Cabinet Gallery, London.

0rphan Portal. Speculative Fictions panel, Franshoek Literary Festival, South Africa.

‘Protocols for Experiments in African Science Fiction’, text collaboration with Delphi Carstens, Scrutiny journal vol 14, The States of Popular Culture issue, Capetown.

‘Renegade Academia’ text on 0rphan Drift and CCRU by Simon Reynolds in D.J. Spooky’s ‘Sound Unbound’ collection of essays.
‘Apocalypse Hyperstitions’ – with Delphi Carstens of Simulflow. Capetown, South Africa.

‘Liquid Lattice’ text publication, 0rphan Portal and CCRU, Frozen Tears 3,
ed John Russell.

Video Work and Screenings:

5 screen video ‘I Don’t Do Terrestrial’, Capetown, South Africa.

Screenings at the International Tattoo Convention, Capetown, South Africa.

Video pieces commissioned for screening at Groovy Troopers/Simulflow events. (‘Zombie Skate’, ‘Whaletail Morph’, ‘Broken Doll Burnt Mountain’, ‘Broken Doll On Jetty’ and ‘Viral Ocean Spirit Mix’)

‘South African Ghost Stories’. Screening of four shorts, Raindance Film Festival, London.

‘Ocean Sentence’ and ‘Intimatter’ – Narrative/experimental short films, Capetown, SA. Re edited for 0rphan Drift’s ‘Double Walker’ solo exhibition, Vancouver.


0rphan Drift is a collaboration of visual artists created in London in 1994. As an artistic entity, for it’s first decade, it was known for immersive works which used the sample and the remix extensively, treating information as matter and the image as a unit of contagion. The work was characterised by cut-up narrative, abstraction and digital textures.

It has produced video and AV performance, collage, text and print work, and published the cyberpunk novel 0(rphan)d(rift>) Cyberpositive. 0rphan Drift work functions as both an experiment with artistic subjectivity and an exploration of mimetic patterns of desire, production and consumption. Then and now, it traces the forces that create connections and change, liminal spaces, other worlds. It embraces science fiction, inducing effects, spinning forces, complicating the distinctions between material and immaterial phenomenon.

2005 – current.   0rphan Drift Phase 2

In its current phase, 0rphan Drift has become 0rphan Portal and works are made by Maggie Mer Roberts (London and Capetown) and Ranu Mukherjee (San Francisco). Current work production is intentioned for gallery exhibition and cinema screening and consists of screen projection, collage, painting, installation and text.

0rphan Drift Solo Exhibitions:

‘Double Walker’. Multiple TV- presented audio visual filmic piece. Pitt Gallery, Vancouver. Funded by British Council and Canadian Arts Board. (‘Ocean Sentence’ and ‘Intimatter’)

‘Motion Capture’ and ‘Mischief’. Residency culminating in a series of collaborative events between 0rphan Drift and audio artists, notably Kode9. Minimum Existence, London.

‘Technical Support’. Video installation in Zero Degree Monstrosities festival, Digital Earth. Artspeak gallery, Vancouver.
‘Carrier’. Installation of video, audio, diodes and scaffolding in 4 rooms.
Projectsrom, KunstnernesHus, Oslo (the Nordraaks Prize Recipient for 2000).

‘Syzygy’- Installation of digital collages based on 5 fictional avatars animated by video, audio and live performers. Collaboration with CCRU. Exhibition of related artists works, seminars and workshops. Beaconsfield Arts, London. Funded by the Arts Council of England.

‘Ariadne’s Gone Virtual’. Mixed media/audio visual labyrinth installation,
30 Underwood Street Gallery, London.

‘0(rphan)d(rift>)’. Photographic installation, Cabinet Gallery, London.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

‘Sharpening the Arrows, Distilling Power, Increasing Desire’. Video and photographic exhibition, Bang The Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.

‘Slik’. large computer printout in ‘Century City Exhibition’, Tate Modern, London.

‘Viper TV’, with Nick Land. Bank, London and satellite venues.

‘Expo-Destructo’. Poster Studio, London.

‘Martin’ – Commercial Gallery and Atlantis, London. Toured: Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Maygood Gallery, Newcastle and Galeria Dziekanka, Warsaw.

‘Post’. GPO Building, Edinburgh.
‘Big Blue’ – Coins Coffee Store, London.
‘Popocultural2, Southampton City Art Gallery, UK.

‘Diagram Vibration’. Installation in ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’, Bank, London.
Accompanied by performance collaboration with Nick Land @Bank T.V.

‘Hanging Picnic’. Factual Nonsense, London.
‘Machine Vision’. A remix of the Predator films, The Factory, Rotterdam.


Booklet to accompany ‘Techgnosis’ audio visual event, Cape Town, SA.

‘Meshed’, a Katacomic, text by CCRU, imagery by 0rphan Drift.
‘Hybridized’. Video compilation of 5 shorts with commissioned sound track.
‘Radius Suck’. Vocals for audio compilation by Ocosi and Kode9.

‘Zone Codes’. i/o/d, Underground Publications on-line.

Imagery for Cyberarchitectures feature in ‘Architecture Association Magazine’, London.
Imagery for ‘Mind Virus2’ CD Rom, Australia.

0(rphan)d(rift>) Cyberpositive’ novel, Cabinet Editions, London.
‘YouV gen ‘. Short story, Mute Magazine, pilot issue, London.
0D Codes and Interview. Fringeware Review, Texas.

Video work, Screenings, Live Mixing and Performance:

N.Y. Independent Film Festival in Los Angeles.
Jacmel Film Festival-Fondation Sant D’A, Jakmel Haiti.
0rphan Drift-Simulflow collaborations for the Viral Lounge, Capetown.
Tipper, DNA Lounge, San Francisco.
BTX vs the Catacoombs of Boom, San Francisco.
Lucid, Soluna and Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco.

Art Live3, Festival of Contaminations, Turin.
Residency in San Francisco working for audio visual installation ‘Double Walker’, at the Pitt Gallery, Vancouver. June-July 2003.
Funded by the British Council and Canadian Arts.
Exotic Erotic, Cow Palace, San Francisco.
Photek, DNA Lounge, San Francisco.
0d, Milk Bar, Vancouver.

‘Pale Riders’. Video screening at the Salt River Centre, Capetown.
‘P.A.Z.’ ‘Nuevas Tecnologias de Genero’, University of Valencia, Spain.
0d videos- Burning Man, Friends and Family Campout , Mendocino Ca.
‘Kapone’. 0rphan Drift and Kode9 collaboration. Raindance Film Festival, London.
’20 i Skogen’. Theatre performance, Museum of Contemporary Art,Oslo, Norway.
Video Riot, Transcinema Festival, D7/Emarcadero, San Francisco.
Oojami, Barbican Centre, London and Babylon, Istanbul.
Soundscapes, Belgrade Yard Sound System, Belgrade.

‘P.A.Z.’ ‘permanent autonomous zone’. 15 min. DV piece on skin and ink, video as a body without organs. Horse Hospital, London.
Raindance Film Festival opening, Global Cafe, London.
Video set for ‘AI’, Steven Spielberg film featuring Ministry.

KinoKulture, The Chamber of Pop Culture, Horse Hospital, London.
‘Lineaments of the Lwa.’ 30 minute DV film essay on Vodun deities in Haitian art and culture. Funded by the Haiti Support Group. October Gallery, London.
‘Spiderman’. 4 minute video piece presented by Simon Reynolds for ‘Pop Unlimited’, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen.
Nine Inch Nails ‘Fragile’ Tour USA Videographics for LED screen.
‘Rhythm and Stealth’ European Tour, for Leftfield.
International Videoprogramm, Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin, curated by Angelika Richter, also Trafo Galerie, Budapest, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe and Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow.
‘Feels Like Vodou Spirit’, October Gallery, London.
Cinemuerte International Horror Film Festival, Vancouver.
International Conference on Semiotics, University of Urbino, Italy.

‘9006’ 16 minute video, Pop Promo Showcase, Raindance Film Festival, Metro Cinema, London.
‘Nerve’ I.C.A., London.
‘Xchromasomes’. CD launch, Scala, London.
Fick, The Drome, London.

‘Pressure’. 40 minute performance with video and vocals. Cyberia, London. ‘Viper T.V.’, Bank. London.

‘Bruises’. 20 min video piece and slide mixing for John Cage, ‘Classic’, inaugural concert by (rout), Beaconsfield Arts, London.
Audiovisuls, BAKspace, London.

‘Orisa Bleed’. Audiovisual performance piece,’Thinking Alien’, Leeds University.
Performance @ Reembodiment, Goldsmiths University, London.
Contributions to Blast 4, Bioinformatica, New York.

‘Replicant Vision’. Video projections, Technophobia Conference, ICA, London.
‘Void’. Multimedia Festival, Norway.
‘Death Simstim’ 20 min performance at ‘Virtual Futures2’, Warwick University.
0rphan Drift book launch, Poster Studio, London.
‘Possession’. 121 Centre, London.

0rphan Drift work has been reviewed in Mute magazine, Art Monthly, Frieze, ID,
Fringeware Review, Time Out, Times Literary Supplement, The Guardian and reZonings 2.

Exhibitions Pre 0rphan Drift:

‘Vampire Dreaming’. The Cabinet Gallery, San Francisco Art Fair.
‘Taking Their Lives Away’, curated by Roman Kurtzmeyer, Wintertur Kunsthalle, Zurich, Switzerland.

‘Inhuman Devices’, curated by Roman Kurtzmeyer in an empty house, Basel, Switzerland.

‘Okay Behaviour’, curated by Gareth Jones and Gavin Brown, 303 Gallery, New York.
‘Making People Disappear’, curated by Gareth Jones, Cubitt Street Gallery, London.
‘Imprint ’93’, Matthew Higgs Limited Edition Pamphlets, Cabinet Gallery, London.

‘In A House, In A Shop’, Camden Town, London.
‘Hit and Run’, derelict council building, Westminster, London.

‘StrayLight’, Riverside Studios, London.

CityLife Awards, Burlington House, London.